13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Netflix

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Netflix stands proudly atop the hill with a shovel in hand whilst their crown falls off their massive head, stumbling down to the bottom where the denizens of the streaming kingdom have clambered to fight for the number one spot.

Amazon stands stoically with its Berserk-sized monstrous blade in hand whilst Disney can be seen in the distance marching forward with an army fit for an empire. Netflix is no longer fit to wear the crown – they’re digging their own grave.

To clarify, there aren’t 13 reasons in this article but there’s 3.

The library itself

This is incredibly subjective but, in my opinion, Netflix UK has a much worse library that pales in comparison to Netflix US (and it costs £5.99 for a ‘basic’ plan and £9.99 for a ‘premium’ plan).

Do you like The Office, NCIS or Criminal Minds? Then get Amazon Prime because it’s cheaper for students and has all of those. Netflix is mostly useful for its original content here in the UK.

It may boast a similar number of shows and movies to its US counterpart but not nearly as many are standout or of similar quality. We don’t have the earlier seasons of The Walking Dead or access to our own Inbetweeners (which is a cardinal sin).

Instead, the best content we have can be accessed for free on-demand (talking about Skins, Friday Night Dinner, Fresh Meat, etc).

So, all that Netflix truly has of note is stuff like Friends and their original content but if you want to risk getting invested in that, be prepared for a huge possibility that they’ll pull the rug out from under you whenever the season ends on a cliffhanger (I’m still bitter about Santa Clarita Diet).

Planning to punish password-sharers

You probably share a Netflix password, most people do. Why? The price of the service rises a lot so it’s more affordable.

Yes, it makes sense that, as a business, Netflix wants to squeeze the lemons dry and make all the moolah they can.

However, when Disney+ and Amazon are offering competitive prices with more content and perks, why jack up the cost and punish people for sharing?

According to The Sun, Michael Pachter, a top analyst at Wedbush Securities, said, “They are policing this [already] by blocking the third concurrent screen if two screens are in use at the same time.”

They also have a way to track device usage and can require two-factor authentication, although they haven’t rolled that out yet.

Michael Pachter

What are the alternatives?

So we’ve established that through high-rising prices, punishing the consumers and a lack of good content, Netflix is burying themselves in a shallow grave.

What are the other options, then?

  • Amazon Prime – £39 a year for students (with shipping perks) – available now
  • Disney+ – price yet to be announced ($6.99 a month in the US) – available 31 March
  • BritBox – £5.99 a month – available now
  • All4 – free
  • BBC iPlayer – free (need license)
  • ITV Hub – free (need license)
  • NowTV – £6.99 a month (Entertainment Pass) or £9.99 a month (Movies Pass) – available now

All this being said, Netflix has survived their fair share of media shifts and so they’ll likely come out of this conflict alive, albeit scarred, deformed, maimed and a little bruised.

Are you a Netflix fan? Am I completely off the mark? Let us know in the comments below!

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Last modified: 23rd November 2019

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