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Regardless if you’re looking for a couple’s destination, or somewhere to party with your lads and lasses, Berlin is definitely in my list of top-rated must-see cities. The German capital has something to please everyone; whether you’re an early bird that loves history and culture, or a night owl who’s more into beer and edgy nightlife, Berlin does not disappoint.

I’d definitely recommend giving Berliner Kindl a try.

One of my favourite things about this city is its art. Literally every street is covered in amazing graffiti and posters in such bright colours unlike anything we have at home. On my visit we happened to stumble across the Berlin Wall, the longest open-air gallery in the world, along the river between Oberbaumbrucke and Ostbahnof. I’d recommend having a walk in the evening and trying out some of the city’s cool bars where you HAVE TO sample Berlin’s arguably most famous attribute: it’s beer. Not a particularly big beer drinker at home I thought I’d struggle, but for anyone like me, I’d definitely recommend giving Berliner Kindl a try.

The efficient and surprisingly cheap German underground made sightseeing easy. From Checkpoint Charlie to the Olympic Stadium, there is so much rich culture and history to immerse yourself in all over the city. If this is not your thing and you want something a little more light-hearted, there is a mirror maze, just around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie (so much fun after a few drinks) and UV mini golf! If you really want to see Berlin in its entirety, you can head to the top of the Berliner Fernsehturm, the tallest building in Germany, which conveniently has a restaurant and bar at its viewing point (warning: not recommended if you have a fear of heights!)

The Berlin nightlife is as far as you can get from Flares. The best known, but equally the most clandestine, some clubs stay open for entire weekends, rife with rumour and rules, with some of the most intimidating bouncers in the world. From “you won’t get in anywhere unless you’re wearing black”, to a story we heard that one guy was sent away on the basis that “his Karma smelt bad”, there is no photography allowed inside any of Berlin’s largest club venues which create an exciting air of secrecy. With the best of luck, head to Berghain, Tresor or Watergate for a night out like you’ll never experience anywhere else.

Last modified: 16th April 2018

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