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Ollie Burton

While I am unable to tout myself as a ‘completionist’ gamer by any means, there are certain titles from my childhood from which I enjoy mercilessly grinding every last drop of nostalgic appeal. One, however, has consistently eluded me: the original Crash Bandicoot. It might sound easy due to the childish visuals, but by f### it isn’t. Unlike its sequels, boxes throughout levels will reset when you die, so essentially you can’t afford to take a hit. Not one. Completing this game is one thing. But gaining that holy 100% is a whole other beast. But believe me, 2016 is the year I will conquer it.

Jordon Oloman

This year in gaming I want to actually do something a bit more productive and get involved in making some games. I feel like I’ve had enough experience now, my Steam library is eerily approaching the ‘1000 titles owned’ mark and god only knows how many others I’ve played before I got my PC. Seeing small indie developers like Toby Fox making Undertale is inspiring, and the easy access to tools like Unity and Unreal Engine 4 means anyone can give it a shot! But hey, let’s be real here, I’m probably just going to end up replaying Monkey Island for the 23rd time.

Imogen Scott-Chambers

What better way to bring the new year in that with a gaming resolution. I am sure it will be much easier to keep to than not eating carbs for a year! So this year I am promising my self that, with the eagerly anticipated The Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine coming out soon, I want to go back and play through the series. I never actually played the The Witcher 1 and now that exams and assignments are over I’m ready to get serious. Having said all this, true to form, I will probably end up having a binge weekend just before Blood and Wine releases but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

Errol Kerr

If you don’t know me, you’ll know I adore a challenge. However, there’s one I haven’t been able to master – FPS multiplayer is still a weak point for me. This wouldn’t be a bother, but my younger brother is a veritable god whilst on Halo. I haven’t seen anything like it – effortlessly outguns teams of 4 or 5 on his own with more kills than the entire opposing team combined. Yes, he’s that good. So, my resolution? Kill him more on FPS online this year than he kills me. Wish me luck – I’m going to need it…

Michael Hicks

I admit it, I have a serious problem. Over the past few years I have bought far too many games, and most of them I never actually end up playing. My shelves lined with cellophane-sealed boxes, bought at great expense and onto a shelf they go, gathering dust. My new year’s resolution is twofold: firstly, stop buying new games for a while, and the second part is to actually play and finish the games I buy. Now, if you excuse me, I have a 3DS game or ten I could be playing.


Last modified: 16th April 2018

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