TV shows cancelled before their time. We need these shows back!

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TV is becoming an integral part of people’s lives. However, sadly, they are not infinite in their run. Lists of cancelled TV series plague the internet, reminding fans that every show has its limitations. Nothing screams disappointment than realising your favourite show will no longer be gracing your screens. Here are a few favourites that were cancelled way before their time.

“Nothing Screams Disappointment more than realising your favourite show will no longer be gracing your screens”

Firstly, Agent Carter. Starring the beautiful Hayley Atwell, Marvel’s Agent Carter got cancelled after its second season. Not only did we lose a kickass female lead with the ability to inspire young girls but we lost what could have been a potentially interesting show for the back story of the MCU. What’s worse is that this show ended on a dreaded cliff hanger with the *spoiler alert* shooting of Jack Thompson. Fans forever will be left wondering ‘why?’ ‘who?’.

Another much loved but cancelled show is Sense8, a series about mentally-linked characters, exploring pivotal ideas of homophobia, transphobia, class and race. Sense8 deserved more than it got.

Finally, let us not forget about Forever. This show lasted all of one season and for fans like me who found not only the actors phenomenal but also the plot line intriguing, frustration was a familiar friend when the cancellation was announced. What’s more, like Agent Carter, this show ended on the biggest cliff hanger! How will Henry react now that Martinez knows his secret? I guess we will never find out.

There are too many series out there to delve into that got cancelled way too soon, but with shows like Supernatural lasting beyond their sell by date, it makes us question why shows with potential are cancelled while shows that are mediocre at best are still going. Let’s hope, in the future, shows we all love will stay and continue to make us emotional with every episode.

Last modified: 16th April 2018

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