4 things I wish I knew before travelling

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There are a few things that we never usually think about, but inevitably encounter during travelling. Revelation… That’s the beauty of travel, isn’t it?


  1. You may catch the Wanderlust fever and that changes everything


Wanderlust is not just an Instagram thing, it’s actually very real. The more you travel, the more eager you’ll be to travel even more. For many travelling is like a glass of water that you drink, but instead of quenching your thirst, it satisfies you so much that it leaves you striving for more.

The ones who’ve experienced it say that it changes the game forever. Once you’ve tasted the adventure and the ultimate freedom, your outlook in life is entirely influenced – for the better, of course.


  1. The people you go with – they are really important


I wish that someone had told me how important it is to choose your travel buddy carefully. They say ‘you don’t truly know a person, until you live with them’ but instead I would rather say that you don’t truly know someone before you’ve travelled with them. Travelling is basically like living together, but in a bit more hectic and opportunistic atmosphere. All this uncertainty either escalates and makes you realize you don’t match so well or (if you are lucky) you end up with a priceless travel buddy .


  1. You’ll certainly need the essentials


With regards to the boring bits and bobs, they are actually very important! These are the things you don’t want to neglect: plugs (keep in mind the socket type of country you are going to), power banks, trustworthy navigation, cash, currency and suitable clothing. Forgetting them is not the end of the world,  but remembering them will make your trip a whole lot easier. After all, wrong type of plugs, a constantly dead phone, getting lost somewhere unknown, being left with no money and freezing in the rain are pretty much guaranteed to kill your chilled traveller vibe.


  1. You may be longing to leave, but you’ll certainly miss it


On the road is one of the best places you can be, although this doesn’t mean you are not allowed to miss home. No matter how much they are enjoying it, some people still get tired or homesick. That’s completely normal – just remember to enjoy the rest of your time, because you’ll surely miss it one day.


Last modified: 1st May 2018

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