Living La Vida Local: Week 16

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Music editor Jamie Shepherd caught up with Nine Tons ahead of their Grace House fundraiser on 16th July at the Cluny

You describe yourself as “Shautrock” how would you describe that?

Duncan- I think it’s a mix of things that I’m interested in really. Rock, Krautrock and shouting. We found when we were starting up it was just shouting. Have you listened to the album?

I have… yeah it’s quite shouty.

Du- The first song’s quite shouty.

Not offensively so.

Du- Polite shouting.

I saw an advertisement for an arthritic guitarist and that was that. He was in!

How did you come about as a band?

Du- Well I moved up here a few years ago and I used in a band called Ten Benson but I’d not done anything for a while. I met you first didn’t I, Mark?

Mark- Yeah, there was another guy in the band but we parted ways.

Du- And then it was you Ian?

Ian- Aye.

Du- Yeah, I saw an advertisement for an arthritic guitarist and that was that. He was in!

Well that’s all you need. I know Duncan you’re quite new to the region, but where do you feel you fit into the North East music scene?

Du- I’m still getting my head around it. It’s a really good scene. I’m still not fully into it though. You’ve been around for quite a long time, Mark.

M- Yeah, I’ve been in a few local bands but we haven’t done any local gigs until fairly recently. We’re a little bit out of touch with what’s going on.

Du- We just played a gig with Apache Viking. I’d seen them play in The Central before I got to know them and I really like their stuff. When they play it’s a mass of confusion but locally, I’m definitely scratching the surface. I’m from Chesterfield.

Lovely spire there. So Tom Robinson from BBC 6 Music picked up on you. How did that feel?

M- That was pretty exciting.

Du- I think it must have been pretty refreshing because I’ve listened to what they play and it’s very eclectic. I imagine we’re more Tom’s cuppa tea than some of the stuff that he listens to on there.

I feel with 6 Music that it can be quite rigid in terms of its playlists and what it actually plays.

Du- Yeah, cos Ten Benson haven’t done anything in ages but when you’re in there with the DJs you’re sorted.  We got played on Dandelion Radio and a few other internet radio stations, which was great. I love Dandelion Radio.

It was either that, Leather Spaniel or Russet Gusset.

You’re called Nine Tons. What’s the origin of the name?

I- Now you’re asking…

M- I don’t know…

Du- I think it was slightly better than Inky Kittens.

I- It was either that, Leather Spaniel or Russet Gusset.

Sounds quite proggy.

I- We’re saving those for the next album.

I’ll be waiting with baited breath. Would you rather have nine tons of feathers or nine tons of bricks?

I- They’re both the same.

Aye, but what would you rather have?

M- Bricks so I can smack whoever loaded me with them.

Du- I’ve always got use for bricks.

What about feathers? Do you think you could find use for feathers?

Dylan- We can make people warm.

Du- Thing is feathers would go along way.

I- Nine Tons of feathers would be an absolute shitter.

Du- Yeah it’d be a fucking nightmare. Definitely bricks. You know what you get with bricks.

M- House bricks or Lego bricks?

Now you’re just complicating things.

Nine Tons play The Cluny on July 16th in support of Grace House Children’s hospital. Tickets £5 on the door.

More information can be found below.


Last modified: 4th May 2016

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