A Toast to 10 years of NuMed Malaysia

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A series of celebrations have been carried out this week in honour of the 10th year anniversary of the Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia International Campus.

Students, both past and present, gathered together with staff on the South Malaysian Campus to commend the excellent education  provided to so many students via this institution. Lion dancing and traditional drumming are just a few of the wide range of activities used to honour the school. 

Proceeding this, the Malaysian flag was raised over the Newcastle Campus commencing their celebrations. An impressive martial arts performance was displayed in King’s Gate, along with a traditional lion dance choreographed and led by Master Sifu. The showcase of traditional arts was continued by Kayu Gangsa (a Malaysian Gamelan Group) accompanied by the Newcastle University Malaysian Society.

NuMed planted a native tree on campus to mark the occasion and current students from the Malaysian Campus  gifted the Medical School with a celebratory traditional rice drawing.

In the decade in which this school has operated, 484 students have graduated with Bachelors of Medicine, Surgery and BSC Biomedical Science. Malaysia has embraced the campus wholly: the school is currently approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and is registering NuMed as a Private Institute of Higher Learning. 

The cross cultural opportunities have continued, and the school is now offering UK postgraduate programmes with both e-learning and Malaysian face-to-face teaching as methods of study.

Emelia Florian, President of the Newcastle University Malaysian Society, expressed her delight at the celebrations: “I am so happy that Newcastle University is honouring this special anniversary, and we are looking forward to showcasing a flavour of our Malaysian culture”. The Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Medical Science summarised the aim of the events, by saying that she “pays tribute to everybody…who has shaped the campus into what it is today.”

Last modified: 11th November 2019

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