Adulting? There’s an app for that.

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Adulting can be hard but thankfully technology can save the day. I’ll be taking you through my favorite apps, available on any smartphone, that simplify adult life.

Monzo – FREE

Monzo makes checking your spending easy which is an essential part of adulting. Before I had Monzo I would never check my current account and my ASOS spending sprees would go virtually unnoticed. Monzo is a banking app and you get a notification every time you spend which is a really great hack for those on a budget. If you apply for an account, you’ll be issued with a bright coral Mastercard in the post and the whole premise of the app is that it’s a bank without branches!

Uber – FREE

The days of booking a taxi over the phone are over thanks to Uber. With a simple click of a button you can have a ride en route to you in less than 5 minutes. Running late for a lecture? Uber. Don’t want to do the walk of shame after a big night out? Easy, take an Uber of shame instead.

Wetherspoons App – FREE

This is another great app. Ordering at the bar is so 2016! With this marvelous incentive you can pay for your food and drink at Wetherspoons with the click of a button. It’s revolutionary.

Now you know the essential apps for making your life at least 2 times easier, but the biggest tip I’d give you as a reader is this: STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!


Last modified: 9th March 2019

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