Adventure Time

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The two-part season finale of Adventure has delivered more twists than a 60s party and a cliff-hanger raising more questions than answers.

The episodes ‘Preboot’ and ‘Reboot’ aired on Cartoon Network four months after the previous one. But it was worth the wait, the finale packs in laughs, action, and a host of characters old and new. It even has a song!

With the show’s whacky wonderfulness, it’s easy to forget its dark but delightful post-apocalyptic setting. The penultimate episode begins with a glimpse of the old world, as Finn, Jake and Susan explore a ruined arcade. Enter Dr. Gross, a cyborg determined to “upgrade” all life, alongside her menagerie of hybrid creatures (like a giant flying electric eel). The sci-fi setting is fascinating and unfamiliar in the usually fantastical world. The most unexpected twist comes as Susan, fried by the eel, becomes a power-guzzling cyber-monster programmed to take Finn… somewhere. Mysterious messages to mysterious places follow, but the biggest mystery is at the end. The grass sword bonds with the Finn sword, creating a new hybrid humanoid and leaving Finn literally armless. This figure seems set to be the next big adversary – but if the Finn sword contains the spirit of Finn, then will this figure too not contain part of himself?

As the seventh season ends, Adventure Time reminds us that it can appeal to everyone’s inner child, no matter what age. The show still feels fresh and imaginative, despite there being almost 240 episodes and — with another two seasons and a film in the works — it seems that with Jake the dog and Finn the human, the fun will never end.

Alex Moore

Last modified: 1st May 2018

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