Album Review: Fight On EP – The Lathums

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For fans of the upcoming Wigan band The Lathums, the release of this EP was much desired with only a catalogue of stand along singles previously. The band were discovered mostly through a groundbreaking response on twitter, with fans of Oasis immediately clinging to them as the next big thing. The tours sold out imminently, they supported Gerry Cinnamon, and then got signed, for four boys, aged 18 to 19, it’s unbelievable.

The 4 song EP is rumoured to be soon released as a vinyl and it features two new songs It Won’t Take long, sounding like festival season with an extremely catchy bassline that makes it infectious, and ‘Time For Me, Light For You’, which is one of The Lathums’ slower songs with a reminiscent beauty of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Riot Van’.

The new EP also features two already released songs, ‘Fight On’, which was extremely well received by the fan base, and ‘I Know That Much’. ‘Fight On’ is my favourite single the band have ever released, its like anything I’ve heard and I can’t wait to see the crowd, full of flares and booze, going wild for them this festival season.

Last modified: 28th March 2020

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