Album Review: “How It Feels to Be Lost” – Sleeping with Sirens

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You stare at your phone, anxiously waiting for that last crucial minute to tick by. You refresh the Spotify page again. Again. Again. You’ve heard the snippets, religiously listened to the singles, stalked the band’s twitter page. And finally it appears. The album you’ve been waiting for; that list of songs finally within your grasp. You stammer over the lyrics and stumble over the notes. Your breath catches and your heart tumbles- a feeling that can only occur when listening to an extraordinary song washes over you. For days upon days, the lyrics flowed through your head, keeping your attention hostage. 

For those of you who have no idea what I’m babbling on about, let me clue you in to my insane rambling. On the 6th of September, a band by the name of Sleeping with Sirens released their sixth studio album “How It Feels to Be Lost”.  And let me tell you, you’re not going to miss this heart- stopping, mind- shattering album. 

The album explores the complexities of family dynamics- most notably the song ‘Blood Lines’- and how being born into a broken family doesn’t make you yourself broken; your bloodline doesn’t have set you up for failure. 

Vocalist Kellin Quinn spoke out about the album, saying it is all about depression and anxiety, and how he believes it’s something that desperately needs to be talked about. More than anything, he wanted the album to be raw and honest; he wanted it to be for the people who really needed to be told that it was okay to feel anxious or depressed- it doesn’t make you weak or dramatic or attention- seeking. It makes you a valid human who is struggling with demons that others may not understand. I definitely needed it, and if you’re someone who does too, this is an album you should without a doubt give a long listen to. Even if you’re not struggling with anxiety or depression, it may help you understand those who are, which is equally as important.

I will leave you with a line from one song on the album that rattled around my head for days after it was released: “If you feel like you are nothing/ If you feel like letting go/ I’ll be your hope when you are hopeless/ Together, we are not alone/ You’re not alone”.


Last modified: 20th October 2019

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