Album Review: Porches’ ‘The House’

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After the critically acclaimed Pool, Aaron Maine brings new record, The House. Porches continue to follow the characteristic indie, synth-pop vibe and provide us with an excellent, moody soundtrack, especially for those who feel nostalgic.

Lead single, ‘Find Me’, is so pop, that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it make its way onto a club dance floor – the phenomenal beat and percussion are certain to get you moving.

Their haunting vocals are impressive

‘Now The Water’ and ‘Country’ are equally impressive with their haunting vocals. ‘Ono’ is by far my favourite song off the record thanks to its beautiful chorus transition with the lyrics and background guitar (reminiscent of iconic “Hallelujah”) making for an enchanting, touching effect.

The record, as Maine warned, has a rustic, unpolished feel to it, which add a raw authenticity. For some, it may sound like an unfinished demo but, for me, it gives Porches’ narrative a more honest emotion. The House is a joy to behold and one that will, without doubt, be stuck on repeat.

Last modified: 7th February 2018

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