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Post-Apocalypto is the new studio album released earlier this month by the notorious comedy-rock duo Tenacious D. Consisting of long-time best friends Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Tenacious D gained a cult following over the last 24 years for their diverse range of comedic songs, which any long-time fan of ‘The D’ (as they are dubbed by their fans) would be able to recite on demand.

However, the band have taken a hiatus from the new-music scene as of late, with their previous album, Rize of the Fenix being released in 2012. Along with their return, the band have also taken a more creative role towards their music. Along with their creative streak, and the modern influence of technology, the band have taken a unique approach to their new album, choosing not to release conventional songs, but to actually produce and create a Youtube show, with the album consisting of songs and scenes from the cartoon. The show has been released weekly since October 4th, with each episode carrying on a narrative arch of Jack and Kyle trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic Earth. The show came as a response to the band’s previous movie creation, The Pick of Destiny, and continues the crazily creative aspect of Tenacious D that has made fans hungry in the past.

After watching just 2 episodes, it was clear to me that the show is the imaginative love-child of the band, with its rugged artistic style and explicit narrative making the show the perfect canvas in which the band can express their ideas. Each chapter of the show includes a variety of different songs, one named ‘Hope’ in the first chapter particularly caught my attention. The song itself is technically gifted, due to the ability of Kyle on the guitar, whilst Jack’s vocal range displays his sheer ability.

Although many new faces to the Tenacious D scene may have a predisposition to view them as perhaps immature, the band themselves are capable of creating extremely technical music, but manipulating the lyrics for comedic effect. In this way, perhaps this album is not the easiest way for new listeners to gain an understanding of the band, but at first listening to their earlier songs, such as ‘Kickapoo’, ‘Tribute’ and ‘Wonderboy’ can open their eyes to the creative brilliance of the band.

In a way, this album is a fantastic example of how bands can express their creative talent in other vessels as opposed to music, and for fans of the band, the opportunity for Jack and Kyle to express themselves freely via the internet is a dream come true, following in the legacy of The Pick of Destiny, and hopefully spurring the band to consider even more unconventional ideas in the future.

Last modified: 19th November 2018

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  1. FrankCup says:

    In 2018, before performing at Hell Heaven Metal Fest in Mexico City, the band entered the stage to a short studio snippet of their new song “Post-Apocalypto Theme”. The night after this, Black asked the audience at Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia whether they had seen

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