Album Review: Tyga’s ‘Kyoto’

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Tyga’s most recent project comes across as uninspired as he tries to reclaim relevance.

When the artwork for Tyga’s latest project dropped in late 2017 it caused a stir in the online community, the crass and vulgar depiction of a woman bent over naked with tiger stripes in the foreground of the Japanese flag. Tyga responded to the criticism in an interview with TMZ saying; ‘its lit.. its art man, art’, if only the same could be said about the actual album. The controversy of the artwork doesn’t reach the same level in the music.

The opening track begins with promise as a tropical beat opens over a simple snare, but any creativity in the production is quickly drowned out as Tyga’s heavily auto-tuned singing and rapping comes in. The monotony sets in quickly on the first track, as Tyga’s vocals become dull very quickly.

The monotony sets in quickly on the first track

From here, it’s rinse and repeat throughout the album – every song features a simple snare beat with Tyga’s vocals singing the hook, some of these coming off as incredibly cheesy. On ‘King of the Jungle’ Tyga sings as the hook: ‘I’ve been lying like the king of the jungle’; in an album with uninspired production and monotonous vocals the only reprieve comes in the features which are few and far between.

Kyndall’s verse on ‘Leather in The Rain’ brings some much needed vocal talent to the project, Gucci Mane and Tory Lanez’ bars on ‘Sip a lil’ and ‘Faithful’ offer a welcome change on their respective tracks, and while neither of them offer anything particularly exciting, at this point in the album anything to not hear Tyga’s voice is welcome.

Last modified: 27th February 2018

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