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The much-loved and ever-successful Metro line event ran by Newcastle University’s History Society took place again this year on February 8th.

Inviting students from all years, the pub crawl ensures all get a chance to mix and make friends with people who they might not usually meet. On this basis, invites were also extended to politics and classics students. At numerous metro stations society members stop off at local pubs to sample the North East’s wide variety of local establishments, and this year’s crawl did not fail to disappoint.

Beginning in the city centre at 1:00pm in the Charles Grey pub, students arrived in their droves to socialise and indulge in an early afternoon drink. The atmosphere was one of pure excitement and curiosity about what the day would bring.

Nevertheless, the route had already been meticulously planned by the Society’s social secretaries, Georgie Harmer, Philippa Norman and Alice Needham. With the help of a megaphone to shepherd stragglers onto the metro, everything ran smoothly.

From the Charles Grey followed The Chillingham (Chillingham Road), The Anson (Wallsend) and Charlie’s Bar (North Shields). After these, a stop was made at The Priory (Tynemouth) for a very prompt and delicious fish & chips, which definitely gave those involved a second wind during their brief outing to the coast. What followed were stops at The Firestation (Whitley Bay), The Hunting Lodge (West Monkseaton) The Benton Ale House (Four Lane Ends) and finally, at 10:00pm, The Lonsdale (West Jesmond).

In the process, not only did participants manage to persistently lock eyes with the bottom of a pint glass, they were also able to take in some hidden gems outside of the city centre, with each pub boasting a unique atmosphere and friendly staff. Those who were worn out after a long day then retired for a well earned rest, whilst keener participants and late arrivals ventured out into town to continue their journey.

Ultimately, the Metro line was once again a hit, with the photos (courtesy of Society photographer, Holly Taylor)  a testament to participants’ enjoyment. It is hoped that this event will continue for years to come, and Society members should not worry about any lack of further events in the coming months. The Society already has a Pub Quiz at The Lonsdale planned for next week, and with more huge socials coming up, and of course, the Summer Ball on the horizon, there could not be a better time to get involved with this society!

Last modified: 19th February 2017

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