Allotment opens doors to fine artists

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An allotment art space, run and established by Newcastle University student Maxi Ley, is celebrating a fortnight of successful events. Established in 2017, LOT is a multifaceted green art space in Ouseburn, run by volunteers from the inside and outside the University.

LOT first hosted the unofficial second year fine art exhibition on the 10th of May. The event featured a selection of short films from Cameron Jarvie and a mysterious stool from Celia Bickersteth. Much of the artwork was hosted in shed that has gradually been built over the last two years. Until recently the space was a popular fly tipping site, torn up by years of dereliction. This summer, Maxi Ley now hopes to make the finishing touches to the shed with frequent architectural collaborator Tom Le Ruez. The second year fine artist also enjoyed an open fire and a bring-a-dish shared meal.

The second year art shows follows a successful term of building and exhibiting. Most notably, LOT was proud to exhibit the work of internationally renowned artist Hannah Christy. Christy, currently residing in Norway, attracted much attention and controversy over her “throwaway gourmet” exhibition, where visitors were forced to eat food that had been thrown away by supermarkets.

Most resently, however, LOT hosted a number of artists and musicians as part of the Late Shows. In a collaboration with Cumberland Arms, LOT presented work from every year of the Newcastle University fine art department. The exhibition contained a riveting textile piece from third year fine artist Isabelle Kenningham, basing the piece on “ephemeral notions of narrative and storytelling that speak of conversations, the theatrical tragic, and lesbian desire and longing”. Alongside this was the work of Eleanor Mumford, who, following a recent trip to Rome, exhibited a collection of relic like sculptures and drawings. Unfortunately, as is the risk of exhibiting outdoors, rain forced much of the work to be sent indoors.

Next door to LOT, the Cumberland Arms held a gig with Moth Boy (Tom Lines), Jon Rolph and Calum Howard performing. Moth Boy, who is also an art Student at Newcastle University, beguiled the audience with his improvised synth set while Jon Rolph creatively mixed old tapes to form a disco space. Overall, it was a successful weekend for Newcastle’s premier student run allotment art space.

Last modified: 23rd October 2019

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