Alumnus releases Science Fiction book

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Newcastle University Alumnus Chris Angus has recently had his Science Fiction novel, Overstrike, published by Elsewhen Press. Currently the novel is available on major e-book platforms, including Amazon. The print edition will be released in 3 weeks.

As an author, Angus plays on the darker side of the future and the science fiction genre, as well as playing on the idea of magical realism. This book not only deals with the realistic complexities of family, but also with the more mythical problems that would weigh down on said family when plagued with confounding powers and a sinister fate. 

This novel is a complex and twisted story. Here is a short synopsis: Overstrike takes place over the span of 4 generations of a family haunted by the prospect of an approaching alternate reality where their child has been erased from history. The trilogy follows this family who discover they hold the ability to manipulate reality, which puts Overstrike’s main character, Matt, at risk of his child, being the one erased. Matt, his father, and grandfather thus attempt to use their abilities to discover who is trying to erase his child from history. 

As previously stated, Angus attended Newcastle University for his PhD in Computing in 1998. Because of this, current- and past- Newcastle Uni students may find some familiar locations in this novel such as Blackwell’s Bookstore and other various locations around the city centre. 

Overstrike is the first novel of the Fixpoint Trilogy, and currently holds a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Last modified: 17th March 2020

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