Anticipated fashion in the next decade

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The last ten years of fashion have given us a number of trends which have changed the way we style and buy our clothes. The streetwear model has completely revolutionized both high and low-end fashion, leading to more relaxed styles being incorporated on both the high street and the runway. Brands such as Supreme and Palace have changed the game for fashion companies which I think may continue into the next decade.

I believe the next decade will see the death of fast fashion; juggernaut Forever 21 is already shutting down stores all over the US and we could see a similar trend her in the UK with shops such as Primark. Shoppers are now arguably far more environmentally conscious than they once were and the environmental concerns of fast fashion may mean that they become out of favour. Thus we could see fast fashion brands invest more into quality than quantity, still making profits but producing far less waste.

Following a streetwear model could become key for high street brands. Streetwear has never been so popular and the idea of having limited collections could be beneficial for the high street, increasing demands for products while keeping numbers low. This could rejuvenate Britain’s fledgling high streets.

In terms of the looks we will see in the coming decade, retro-inspired fashion could still feature prominently. The 90s have been hugely popular in looks over the past few years with chunkier and baggier silhouettes playing a big role. Whether we go further back to the 80s is another matter, however 80s-themed shows such as Stranger Things have already had an influence on fashion so it is certainly possible.

Influencers are also likely to continue to play a big role in what we choose to wear. From rappers to Love Island stars, influencers are key to sales and this will only continue into the next decade.

So from the looks of it I think that we’re going to get more of the same from fashion but on a much larger scale. However, trends are truly unpredictable and the next ten years could certainly change everything all over again.

Last modified: 14th January 2020

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