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Rory Ellis gives you the DL on Newcastle’s notorious nightlife and its wavy garms


A night out that we’re all familiar with; Digi Mondays. You’re going to want an outfit where practicality comes first. You need shoes that look as battered as you do on a Tuesday morning and trousers that you don’t mind soaking in cheap mixers. You should think about wearing a versatile top, perhaps a t-shirt with a shirt over the top, an essential layer of protection ensuring you don’t contract hypothermia as a result of the sub degree temps of Times Square. Then, when you’re inside, the shirt goes round the waist (or your chest if you from Rahstle Leazes). Alternatively a beer jacket works well if you’ve put in a good grind at prinks, but if you’re prioritising style a queue jump ticket is probably you best bet.

Instagram: @jooleeloren

Instagram: @jooleeloren


If you’re someone that likes a night out in Cosmic on Tuesday, the attire is somewhat different. It might be worth taking a trip to a kilo sale if you want to get the right look. A lot of girls like to spice it up with glitter, funky glasses and other really original accessories. Again, its worth wearing something thin, even if the queue is long and its cold outside you’ll have no regrets when you’re sweating it out in the oven that is Cosmic’s dance floor. Depending on the type of night you want, trousers with pockets can be very useful for keeping… glitter for top ups later in the night. Some men choose to go shirtless later in the night, I’ll leave that up to your discretion…


Wednesday means sports night… so get your novelty props out people. Depending on your sports tribe there will undoubtedly be a set of rigid and bazar fancy dress requirements, and if you don’t adhere then you’ve only got yourself to blame for any ensuing forfeits. Sports nights are all about stamina and staying power, so don your comfiest trainers and get down to Legends dancefloor. Luckily you’ll be drowning your fancy dress humiliation in VKs before you know it.

Instagram: @jooleeloren

Instagram: @jooleeloren


Swingers on Thursdays are a similar edgy vibe. Again, you might want to revisit the kilo sale for a second outfit. You’re going to want things that clash; never a bad idea to wear two different patterns at Swingers. If you walk out the house feeling largely presentable, then you should probably turn straight back around and put more effort into looking effortless. Lots of students go in Adidas, Nike or Reebok trainers, but make sure that they’re not suede unless you want them to die a tragic death courtesy of the famously flooded toilets. The smoking area can be just as, if not, busier than the dance floor, so a shapeless jumper that can be rolled a few times on the sleeves works pretty well in that scene.

“If you walk out the house feeling largely presentable, then you should probably turn straight back around and put more effort into looking effortless”


The Weekend

However, on the weekend everything I’ve said should largely be disregarded. As stag and hen parties converge on House of Smith, the fashion battleground is changed. Locals raise the bar as women wear heels and men come sporting ironed shirts and brogues in true spice boy style. On a Saturday students have to attempt matching the Geordie flare, so put your trainers and denim jackets away and swap them for inappropriate footwear, a tight dress or tactically ripped jeans and you should be good to go. .

Instagram: @jooleeloren

Instagram: @jooleeloren


Who are you?! PJs and slippers obviously…

Last modified: 9th March 2017

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