Are parallel universes actually real?

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You can usually find me talking about science-fiction films but recent news has seemingly made fiction a reality. So, let’s talk about it.

Nasa scientists in the Antarctic have discovered high-energy particles that hint at the existence of a parallel universe where the usual laws of physics are not obeyed.

The researchers were conducting experiments using NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA), which is basically a radio detector mounted to balloon, and this helped them unearth this remarkable find. The ANITA identifies cosmic-ray showers and was used in the Antarctic due to the cold, dry air of the region and the presence of little to no radio noise that could distort findings. During flights in 2006 and 2014 the ANITA identified a fountain of high energy particles being emitted from the ice which resembled an ‘upside-down cosmic-ray shower’. But this finding was initially dismissed as background radiation, until 2016 where an investigation revealed that it was actually a phenomenon resembling an upside-down cosmic-ray shower. Making the original discovery a lot more interesting than first expected.

Experts who are a lot smarter than me, I know shocking, now believe that these particles discovered by the ANITA are actually moving backwards in time. This indicates the existence not only of a parallel universe close to ours but of a parallel universe where the normal laws of physics seem to work in reverse. Not to sound like a colossal nerd but I think this news is so cool.

Experts believe that these particles are moving backwards in time, indicating a parallel universe

Of course, not everyone is happy with this news, as it is basically flipping the table of what we know about physics, and making everyone more than a bit confused and concerned for what the future may hold. The physics professor who led this discovery, Peter Gorham of the University of Hawaii, stated that this was “A very strange thing” and that “this was a pretty strong tension with the standard model of physics”. Gorham also admitted that “Not everyone was comfortable with the hypothesis” and it is no surprise as if this is confirmed to be true a lot of physicists’ work could be made redundant. So, while this is certainly an exciting time for physics, it is also quite foreboding as no one can be quite sure what comes next.

Last modified: 26th May 2020

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