Attempted armed robbery at Lonsdale

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On Monday 16th October at 11.45pm, Northumbria police were called to the popular Lonsdale Pub, located next to the West Jesmond Metro Station, to respond and defend the public after an attempted robbery.

Northumbria Police revealed that ‘a man had gone into the pub armed with what was believed to be a handgun, however it is not known whether the weapon was real or for intimidation, and threatened a member of staff.’ Despite the ambiguity of the situation, police officers responded efficiently at the crime scene and arrested the man who has now been released under investigation.

When The Courier contacted The Lonsdale for a statement, a spokesperson said: ‘We can confirm that there was an attempted robbery at the Lonsdale Hotel on 16th October, fortunately no team or guests were hurt during the incident and no property was stolen. We are working closely with the Police, and as this is a live investigation it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.’

In response to this event, students have been reminded to stay safe in the university surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Jesmond has been victimised by attempted robbery. In 2015, disguised men targeted Jules B on Acorn Road and stole money and clothing before fleeing the scene in the direction of Osborne Road. Additionally, last February Sainsbury’s Local, next to The Lonsdale, was also targeted by a robber who stole cash before heading towards Lyndhurst Avenue.

In response to this event, students have been reminded to stay safe in the university surrounding areas. The Complete University Guide outlines ten top tips on how to stay safe after dark which students must adhere to including: ‘taking responsibility of yourself which includes pre-booking a registered taxi and carrying a charged mobile phone, watching how much you drink, insuring your valuable property and ensuring that your house is secure’. Following these top tips will ensure that students can enjoy Newcastle’s vibrant nightlife safely.

Despite the attempted robbery at the Lonsdale, the student friendly pub will continue to thrive. Do not hesitate to contact Northumbria Police if you have any more information.

Last modified: 26th October 2017

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