Around the World in Christmas Décor

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It is the most magical time of the year! Whilst the Christmas Market, the lights and the Fenwick Window bring the festive cheer to Newcastle, don’t you wonder how different Christmas decorations can be around the world? Let’s find out!

  1. Cobwebbed Trees in Ukraine: Although it might look like Halloween has still not left, Christmas trees in Ukraine are adorned with spiders and cobwebs. This is an ode to an Eastern European folklore where a family tearfully went to bed the day before Christmas, because they couldn’t afford to decorate their tree. But, they woke up to find that a spider had decorated their tree with silver and gold cobwebs.
  2. The largest “Christmas Tree” in the Netherlands: Which turns out to not be a tree at all! Rather, it is the Netherlands’ tallest radio station, called the Gerbrandy Tower in Utretcht. Standing at 375 metres tall, the tower was draped with strings of light to resemble a tree. Due to cost factors, it was decided to light up the “tree” only once every five years, but after protests, it is now sponsored to be lit up every year.
  3. Sea-themed baubles in Australia: Halfway across the world, there is never a white Christmas in Australia. Staying true to the summer affair, the decorations on the trees are shells and other things that remind one of glorious summer days.
  4. Christmas Boats in Greece: According to Greek marine legend, when the sailors used to come back home during the festive season, their wives used to gift them small decorative boats. Nowadays, one can find actual boats being around Greece, as well as children carrying tiny versions of them whilst carolling.
  5. Origami on trees in Japan: Although Japan does not traditionally celebrate Christmas, with it being a normal working day, that does not stop them from joining in the celebrations. With origami being a traditional paper folding art originating in Japan, it is possible to create shapes and figures that are hung on trees in place of baubles.


Last modified: 8th December 2018

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