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I can bet the decoration of every student room you’ve ever been into consists of a few crucial aspects: a wall covered in printed out photos of family and friends, fairy lights, and a ripped Pulp Fiction poster.

While there isn’t anything wrong with these features, there are some different and slightly cooler alternatives available for the aesthetically conscious student. For the majority of us, our student budget doesn’t facilitate popping into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and putting a red sticker on whatever we fancy, but there are certainty some affordable alternatives that will bring just as much flare and aesthetic pleasure.

Postcards are an easy way to create your own mini gallery in your bedroom and a reminder of your gallery trips and holidays. You can pick them up for often pennies and are a fresh way to get across your personality in your most likely dated and grey student accommodation. You can coordinate them according to the colour most prominent or mix and match them in a way you think is complimentary; arranging them is a matter of trial and error.

Posters are an easy and cost-effective way to cover up the chipped paint and brighten up a dingy room. Desenio offers some more on trend artwork at a reasonable price, while AllPosters.com is your run of the mill poster website and cheap as chips with a wide range. Student poster sales are often held at the Student Union and offer a large array of artwork, film posters and prints in all shapes and sizes. Go grab an A0 copy of The Starry Night and plaster it across your wall so it reminds you that while student life may be hard at times, you won’t be sad enough to cut off your ear to win back a friend, or a lover, like Van Gough did.

Being handed a copy of Counterfire the other day, I was struck by the strong political headlines and in fact ripped the front page out and stuck it up. While this may seem very John Lennon and Yoko Ono, it certainly creates a statement and makes clear any pro-Brexit or far right visitors are not welcome. If you find a flyer’s typeface or layout appealing, stick it on your wall. Affordable art for students is entirely what you make of it.


Last modified: 3rd November 2018

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