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Roast, Toast, and Soapbox


Roast Ticket Turmoil Why are train tickets so expensive? They are stupid bits of paper that are used once and then binned. What is their point? Surely it would be cheaper if every...

Tasteless tactics: was Trump right to pick his own golf retreat to host G7 summit?


Trump, as we all know, is a man of… questionable decisions. From his controversial trans military ban, to his ridiculous plan to build a wall. So why are we all still surprised...

A “Nice” weekend abroad


Patrick Young writes about Nice- the perfect destination for a weekend trip. ...

Roasts, Toasts and Soapboxes


Roast Mirror, Mirror on my phone We know the old story, The Evil Queen, in her vanity, consults her magic mirror about the most beautiful person in the kingdom and does not like...

Poembox: a celtic elegy


Cernunnos Oh hear me, Forest God, wild-man. Hear my plea to you, Hear it in the leaves of your once verdant home- Now brown with decay.   Hear me, Oh Majestic stag, Protector...