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Lecturers: It’s a strike!


Cuts to and marketisation of university pensions has provoked a strike, but what do students think?...

Travelling when you’re young


“You won’t have time to travel after you start working, so travel now!” This is the advice that has been hammered into my head ever since I started university. I sigh...

Public transport systems around the world


Talking trains on tourist trips. ...

Allegations against Terry Richardson


The dust of the Harvey Weinstein debacle has not quite settled, and yet another tsunami of sexual allegations against renowned fashion photographer Terry Richardson, has surfaced...

Does the influence of Instagram/ social media affect the real experience of travel?


We are the Instagram generation; our feed is littered with photo after photo of well-edited holiday snaps, coupled with deep and meaningful captions. These pictures are...

Why is Childhood Obesity Rising?


Amanda Yap discusses the rising epidemic that is consuming the world....