Anth Graham Author

Memes: is it art?


Anth Graham and Maud Webster engage in the new age debate...

The state of affairs with a cherry on top: Heather Phillipson’s new fourth plinth piece


Temporary sculptures have been exhibited on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square since 1991. Heather Phillipson’s temporary whipped cream sculpture was unveiled last week: Anth...

Review: poet Sasha Dugdale in conversation with Tara Bergin


Anth Graham reviews the poet Sasha Dugdale's live lecture as part of Newcastle Centre for Literary Arts' 'Inside Writing' online poetry festival. ...

DAZED’s new digital landscape: Post-pandemic nostalgia?


Anth Graham explains how 35 artists have collaborated on a project to explore a post-pandemic world and raise money for the NHS. ...