Callum Costello Author

Fix a Franchise: Saw


After the negative reaction to Jigsaw, Callum Costello proposes how he would fix the Saw franchise....

Golden Oldie: Night of the Hunter


Would you like me to tell you the story of the right hand and the left? The story of good and evil? With one hand inscribed hate, the other love,  Reverend Harry Powell stood to...

A Love Letter To… No Wave


A reduction of the form to its basest, and a reaction to society at its most artistic...

Throwback; Sex, Drugs and the Surreal: Nineties Cartoons by Callum Costello


“Open your eyes Morty!” In a time of cartoon renaissance it feels fitting to throwback to a time where warped realities and moralities were a staple of television animation....

Jigsaw (18) Review


The game returns for its eighth instalment seven years after its last chapter. A contemporary imitation of eighties horror franchises such as the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on...

The Black Crack Cinema Experience; Punk Rock Single’s @ Mr. Drayton’s Record Player


If you're a music fan and haven't checked out Mr. Drayton's Record Player then what are you waiting for? Here's what goes down... ...