Carter Levy Author

A man’s best (and oldest) friend?


Carter Levy reports on recent findings that humans had domesticated their furry friends before the invention of the wheel...

The value of biodiversity: is conservation worth it?


Carter Levy dissects the recent Swiss Re report, and considers the significance of increasing ecosystem fragility....

Electricity from thin air?


Carter Levy in this week's feature talks about a novel method of power generation...

A one-size-fits-all cure for cancer?


Carter Levy on research from Cardiff University that details a potential new mechanism of cure for the deadly disease...

Climate change could account for the fall of an Ancient Empire


Carter Levy tells us how unpredictable weather conditions began causing chaoas and affecting our planet thousands of years ago...

A deadly virus helped by climate change in the Arctic


Carter Levy discusses one of the many effects of climate change- the spread of a virus that endangers marine mammals. ...