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Island-hopping adventures in Greece


Blossom Wylie shares her experience of island-hopping in Greece...

Jesy Nelson proves she’s not the Odd One Out in new documentary


Jesy Nelson’s documentary, Odd One Out, is a fierce confrontation with the cruel aesthetically driven world we live in. Nelson reveals her darkest moments during her journey on...

It’s time to be productive


It’s that time of year where there are mid-module assessments and tests coming at you left right and centre, forcing the sad realisation that it’s time to get your shit...

The Rise of Jaclyn Hill


Over the past few years, the beauty realm of YouTube has sky rocketed. The ‘influencer’ has become a mogul. With that said, growing beauty companies have recognised this and...

Battle of the Bases: Setting Sprays


Believe it or not, there was once upon a time where no such thing as setting sprays even existed. Make-up was something that looked good for a few hours until it slid off your...

Beauty Survival Guide To Freshers Flu


Looking healthy has never been so easy....