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Madrid Climate Conference frustrates activists yet again


Emma Monaghan on what came out of the 25th Conference of Parties (COP) on climate change in Madrid...

Greta makes her mark in the insect world


Emma Monaghan on an incredibly small, yet powerful tribute to the good work done by Greta Thunberg ...

Australia’s Prime Minister Awards Tackle Sexism in STEM


Emma Monaghan on a record-breaking year for Australian women in science...

Slow walking is an indicator of ageing


Could the speed of your walk be linked to how far along you've come in life - both literally and figuratively?...

Word of the Week – Autism


Emma Monaghan discusses the science section's word of the week: autism. ...

Dippy’s next adventure


Dippy the Diplodocus, who stole the hearts of museum-goers in the North East, is moving to Cardiff after a record-breaking stay in Newcastle. Between 18 May and 6 October 2019,...