Faye Navesey Author

Could Jacob Rees-Mogg’s comment topple his career?


It’s important to be noted that Jacob Rees Mogg’s comment mocking the terrified victims of the Grenfell fire was not a slip of the tongue or clumsy language, it was a clear...

Is the arrest of climate activists justified?


Protests and strikes are part of any healthy democracy. The repeated arrest of Jane Fonda and Extinction rebellion activists for raising awareness of Climate change is an affront...

Is another UK general election a good idea?


Like a broken record, on 28 October the EU agreed to Boris Johnson’s request for an extension on Brexit negotiations, granting what they have called a “flextension”. Thus,...

Male mental health: a changing culture?


Mental health among men is a conversation that is, rightfully so, becoming increasingly prevalent. With celebrities like Prince Harry and Lewis Hamilton admitting they have...

Last resort: was Trump right to pick his own golf retreat to host G7 summit?


Trump’s actions are often unpredictable, but something that can be anticipated is his abuse of presidential privilege. After all, it is hard to believe he chose Trump...

Is social media good for students?


It is considered common knowledge that social media has a detrimental effect on students. Seen by many to be the source of all problems. Whilst there is no doubt that some issues...