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Inevitable In the past eighteen years I have learned that pain is inevitable There is no escape from the tears Pain is inevitable and it is okay   It is a thousand times okay...

Medicine is in the mind


Scientists have recently discovered a way to effectively push drugs into your brain. Read on to find out more......

Album Review: YUNGBLUD- The Underrated Youth EP


Grace Lazzaro reviews YUNGBLUD'S new EP 'The Underrated Youth'...

Album Review: “How It Feels to Be Lost” – Sleeping with Sirens


Grace Lazzaro reviews “How It Feels to Be Lost”, the recent release from Sleeping With Sirens. ...

“My ‘Recent Rumor’”


Everyone has that band; that band that makes your brain shut off and your heart race. That band who can bring a smile to your face no matter how far into the darkness you have...