Hannah Bentley Author

Government refuses multi-billion pound bailout for universities


The UK government has reiterated their commitment to “ensuring our world-class HE system delivers for all students and the wider economy” in their Government Support Package....

Universities told to stop unconditional offers amid virus confusion


Hannah Bentley discusses the two-week suspension of unconditional university offers, in response to the coronavirus crisis,....

Delivered goods damage the environment


Hannah Bentley discusses whether by shopping smartly we can do our bit to reduce carbon emissions...

Uni commemorates Phillip Lowe


Newcastle University is commemorating the life of Professor Philip Lowe, one of Europe’s eminent social scientists, who died 17 February 2020. Philip Lowe was the founding...

Liverpool student demands to stop using ID scanners


Hannah Bentley reports about how xenophobia can be reinforced through heightened concerns with coronavirus....

Deadly virus in China poses as the latest health risk


As of 1st February 2020, over 12,000 cases of the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) originating in the Hubei Province of China have been confirmed, and the death toll has reached 304...