Imogen Birkett Author

Has the news cycle been too quick to forget Dominic Cummings?


Imogen Birkett returns to the Cummings scandal, and asks if we were too fast moving on ...

What does good social media activism look like?


Social media can be a hostile and toxic environment, yet in recent years we have witnessed how it can be mobilised for good. Activism through social media has undeniably...

Why the UK and US lockdown protests are different


Every citizen should be afforded the right to protest, it is a key tool used to hold government to account and fight injustice. However, when there is no injustice to fight and...

Should we be petitioning for strike refunds?


Our writers discuss whether students should be demanding refunds in light of the UCU strike action...

Home from Home Market visits the Students’ Union


On Thursday 10th October, the Home from Home Market arrived at Newcastle’s Students’ Union, bringing together over 20 stallholders, all of who were selling an impressive...

Study reveals why students should stay active


Imogen Birkett reports on a Newcastle-led study concerning student health. ...