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Local lockdown: what’s changed for students?


Kate Lovell on what's changing at midnight tonight...

The killing of Indian soldiers by Chinese forces and why it matters


Fighting broke out between Indian and Chinese troops in the Himalayas when they unexpectedly encountered each other on Monday evening. An Indian commanding officer was pushed into...

Roast, Toast and Soapbox


Roast Protesting the lockdown Protests broke out in a number of US states against stay at home order. And though clearly an important component, stupidity alone did not bring...

Roasts, Toasts and Soapboxes


Comment's home of rants: weird, wonderful, weekly. Our two new columns give writers the chance to roast, or toast, a figure or group of their choosing....

Is there such thing as a geopolitics of caring?


How do we represent geopolitical tragedy? ...

Freshers: The Utopian Dream


What is the best way to tackle the freshers scene? ...