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Does Bristol’s Wave pool survive the eco-test?


Lily Holbrook on the newest attraction in Bristol - an outdoor wave pool - and whether it is a boon or a bane to the environment. ...

This Is Tomorrow Festival to return to Newcastle in 2020


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Spaced Out: Dead Whales Spotted by Satellites


Lily Holbrook on whether space technology can be used to save whales in the long run...

An in-depth look at microplastics, the start of a macro problem


Tiny plastics, far bigger problems - why microplastics are not as small a problem as you might think....

UN climate change report: a global warning


Lily Holbrook dissects the recent climate change report released by the UN. ...

19 ways to save the planet: a student guide


Lily Holbrook offers some tips to students on how to do their bit for the environment. ...