Lorcan Flahive Author

Does Sanders stand a chance?


Legs are becoming tangled in the race for the Democratic nominee, as ‘Super Tuesday’ ushers in a surprise comeback for candidate Joe Biden. After winning only 4/14 States on...

De-radicalisation, rehabilitation, and reform


Lorcan Flahive discusses the lessons to be learnt on prison from the recent terror attack in Streatham, London...

The futility of the Warren-Sanders scrap


Lorcan Flahive on why the division between the Democratic presidential hopefuls isn't helping anyone....

Unclear registration process, unenthused voters


With a looming General Election on December 12th, the subject of Voter Registration has begun to creep back into the nation’s social consciousness. As consequence of this, the...

Newcastle University launches Virtual 5K for Alumni Weekend


Lorcan Flahive discusses the introduction of a virtual 5K for the Newcastle University Alumni Weekend. ...