Louise Cusine Author

Pride 2020: LGBTQ+ representation with a small window of visibility


For our final Pride article, our writers discuss the LGTBQ+ representation that gets less exposure...

Night at the Museum: the virtual tour takeover


Louise Cusine details the virtual tour takeover by museums and galleries, specifically Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. ...

Mog on the Tyne to return


Louise Cusine reports on the new announcements regarding Mog on the Tyne....

Review: The Salisbury Poisonings


Louise Cusine discusses the parallels between The Salisbury Poisonings and Covid-19....

Thinking outside – no box required


As a local, I can share with you all lots of tips on where and how to spend your weekend outdoors in Newcastle. I’m sure you were all aware that it was World Mental Health Day...

Thomas Cook’s crash landing


Louise Cusine discusses the recent collapse of Thomas Cook. ...