Luke Acton Author

My brush with death


Three years ago, Luke Acton nearly died. Now he tells his story exclusively for The Courier...

Netflix, Get Netfixed


Netflix is running out of shows for people who have already mined its library for all the quality they can find. These poorly planned, written and produced properties are all over...

Stephen Universe


After what felt like a very long break of a couple of months and a Thanks Giving special Steven Universe is back to finish off its fourth season. Despite (especially looking back...

Adventure Time


The final season of Adventure Time is here and boy, is it beautiful. It has been full of emotional through-lines, not least James Baxter (or Games Bookstore?) discovering dancing...

NewBridge Project Space to relocate


Luke Acton interviews Newbridge Director Charlotte Gregory about the its changes. ...

Poly-spacing out into new territory


TV Editor Luke Acton had coffee with the creatives behind POLYSPACE at Newbridge...