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Steal the style: what to wear in isolation


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How personal computers can be used to support COVID-19 research


Monika Song on how Folding@Home (F@H), a crowd-sourcing project, uses the hardware of users worldwide to draw insights into Covid-19....

COVID-19: League of Legends Pro League 2020 to take place online


The coronavirus takes another hit at gaming, this time moving a LoL tournament online...

Game Developers Conference postponed due to coronavirus


The coronavirus continues to spread, disrupting gaming yet again....

Some students may not be able to graduate following the UCU strikes


A leaked email from the president of the Student Union at Cardiff University has caused major concern about the aftermath of UCU strikes on affected students. The University...

Edinburgh University students have beef with a beef ban


Monika Song reports about how students have voted against the beef ban in Ediburgh University...