Olivia Blackham Author

Go away. I’m reading


Olivia Blackham recommends three books which are the ideal reads for lockdown. ...

The ever-changing face of campus


Through tumultuous times, the strong power through and Newcastle University is no exception. Over the course of the academic year, Newcastle University has not failed in its...

Drag Me To Love: an autobiographical dragshow


‘Drag Me To Love’ makes me wish to be dragged back to love repeatedly It’s rare to get the chance to see a drag show. Nevermind one set in your hometown, referencing places...

Poembox: Every Drop


Our latest weekly poetry submission is Every Drop by Olivia Blackham...

Newcastle’s advance in THE global rankings


Since opening its doors in 1963, Newcastle University has not only welcomed a variety of innovative and intelligent academics, students and research projects but also countless...