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Celebrating World Poetry Day!


Your Arts Editors showcase a collection of poetry submissions by students. So from us to you, Happy World Poetry Day, reader.  INTERMOST by Leanne Francis A framework of limb and...

The Female Body is not to be Censored: Interview with Artist Louise Brown


Louise Brown’s (@goodstrangevibes on Instagram) empowering illustrations of the female body were censored by Newcastle University last week during a charity feminist art...

Francis Bacon and Ellen Gallagher @ The Hatton Gallery


The exhibition at the Hatton Gallery is centred on the parallels between Francis Bacon’s luminous portraits of twisted, grimacing faces, and Ellen Gallagher’s modernist-style...

Get eco!


Learn how to lower your carbon footprint as a student with these easy steps!...

International Film: Mustang (2015)


Our international film this week is 2015's Mustang...

PHOTOBOX: Rosie McCrum


Rosie McCrum shares one of her favourite photos she took over the summer which a short piece on why she likes it and what it reminds her of...