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It must BB that time of year: spring beauty must-haves


Wondering how to give your beauty collection a spring clean? Ruby Story Dartford tells us about some great BB creams to refresh our looks for springtime. ...

False lash frenzy


Ruby Story Dartford gives us her opinion on the false lash frenzy. Love them or loathe them, they are a beauty trend here to stay. ...

Roast, Toast and Soapbox


Roast English Cuisine English people. You’d think after colonizing 90 percent of the world for spices, Anglos would actually use them. English Cuisine is an absolute sodding...

Starting a Depop shop in 2020


In a world in which fast fashion is a more prominent issue than ever before, Depop has been hailed as the saviour for fixing fashion. Wave goodbye to the likes of Ebay and...

Newcastle University student fundraises with hot tub rental


NCL Hot Tub Hire was launched this February for hot tub rentals in Jesmond- Ruby Dartford reports...

All you need to know about the new London to Amsterdam Eurostar route


Ruby Story Dartford reports on the new London to Amsterdam Eurostar route, set to start in April 2020...