Sean Simpson Author

Reaction to the Christchurch terror attacks


On Friday morning, the world woke to the tragic news that in Christchurch, New Zealand 50 Muslim worshippers had been killed, and a 50 more injured, when a mosque was attacked by...

Amidst even more wildfires in California, should US policy turn over a new leaf?


Today in the United States, perhaps in the same city or neighbourhood, two children are being raised by their families with the intention that they will one day move out, go to...

Remembrance day: We’ve already forgotten


A hundred years is a long time in human years, but it is like a minute of a day from the view of history. The first world war – almost undisputedly the most horrific...

Rebuking Conservative Centrism


Sean Simspon takes down the notion the Conservative Party is decent, moderate, and patrotic....

The Indonesian tsunami: Natural disaster, human responsibility


Britain is very good at providing foreign aid. In fact, the amount Britain spends on foreign aid is the equivalent to 0.7% of its gross national income per year. In other words,...

Amazon: Toil and Trouble


This week, Amazon gave us a clue as to the real source of its shareholders’ dividends. Following criticism over its notoriously bad working conditions, for example, when the...