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An open letter to freshers: have faith in making friends


Sofia Chiscop gives advice to freshers on making friends at university. ...

Sustainable travel options during COVID


We all know the “you wanna travel so bad that you didn’t notice this was a cake” meme. I think it’s safe to assume that we all thought that was a boat. At...

Travel Check: The first country I visited


The first country you visit can leave you with a lot of special memories and can inspire adventure and wanderlust. Here our writers reflect on the first countries they visited. ...

Golden Oldies: Little Women (1994)


Sofia Chiscop looks back at Little Women....no not that one....

International Film: The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (2005)


For this weeks International film, Sofia Chiscop discusses The death of Mr. Lazarescu...

Saying yes to (New Year’s) resolutions


Sofia Chiscop writes about New Year's resolutions, and whether they are worth the stress. ...