Battle of the Christmas chocolate tins

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As the countdown to Christmas begins friends, families, lecturers and co-workers will be buying in their favourite Christmas chocolates, including the four famous chocolate tins. And as everyone goes out to purchase their Christmas treats along comes the annual debate of which tin full of various assortments of chocolates holds the top tier position and reigns supreme?

In for the running is the classic tin of Celebrations, their rival Heroes, the popular Quality Streets and the “Rose Brothers” Roses.


As soon as the tin of Celebrations is opened it is guaranteed that the Maltesers are the first to go. Out of all eight treats, the Malteser Teaser is the favourite and if you come across a tub of Celebrations at the end of Christmas 90% of the time you’ll find the tin littered with Bounty bars after everyone refused to eat them.

The Celebration tin is a classic. However, unlike other chocolate assortments they only offer mini versions of chocolate bars, there are no fruit combinations or toffee and fudge options.

Quality Streets

Quality streets are more for the adventurous type. You’ve got the “Purple One” with hazelnut and caramel, the “Strawberry Delight”, the “Orange Crème” and “Coconut Éclair”. So unlike your usual chocolate bars like in the Celebrations tin, Quality Streets have both chocolates, toffees and sweets giving chocolate lovers a wider selection of tasty treats.

However, beware of the toffee penny, it will have your teeth out!


Roses offer a wider selection of tasty treats. Similar to Quality Streets you get your fruity twists such as the “Tangy Orange Crème” and “Strawberry Dream”, while also having the “Country Fudge” and classic “Caramel” to dive in and choose from. So, both these assortments run very close together. However, in the Roses tin you even get the “Coffee Escape” and “Signature Truffle”, which aren’t options in the Quality Streets tin.  


Roses and Heroes are both made by Cadburys but offer some very different treats. Like the classic Celebrations, the Heroes tin also only offer mini versions of your favourite chocolate bar. You get your mini “Wispa”, “Fudge”, “Twirl” and the classic “Dairy Milk”, but while offering our favourite “every day” chocolates they don’t deliver on the exciting fruit, toffee and sweet combination that both Roses and Quality Streets do.

Which’s quiz taken by 679 people found that Quality Street runs as the most popular with 38% voting it as their favourite, followed by Celebrations with 20%, Roses at 16% and Heroes at 18%.

Unlike Celebrations and Heroes, the chocolates found in Quality Streets and Roses aren’t available as a bar like the “Twix”, “Wispa” and “Maltesers”. The sweets offered in those tins are for the more adventurous chocolate type who want to spice things up.

All in all Roses and Quality Streets tie very close together, as do Celebrations and Heroes. However, the tin of chocolate treats that reigns supreme has to be the Quality Street – you get two different toffee options, you have your fruity chocolate combinations and your classic plain chocolate as well. They cater to all types of chocolate lovers.  

Last modified: 11th December 2019

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