Battlefront 2 to get double XP through March due to COVID-19

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The coronavirus has plagued gaming for over a month now, with a streak of events shutting down entirely, but thankfully there’s some good news for once, and it surprisingly comes from EA.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017), which had a rocky start way back when, is hitting its stride with a growing player base and a plethora of updates, and now they’re taking another step to stay on gaming’s good side; with so many people in quarantine, there’s a lot of players at home and as such, double XP has been enabled for the rest of the month.

This means that whilst gamers are stranded on the homefront, either learning from the safety of their bedroom or working remotely, they can throw themselves into the battlefront and get a healthy dopamine fix from the sparkly level-up icon.

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On top of this, there’s an update set to debut at the end of the month which will be adding Scarif to the game. There’s also been a heavy amount of hinting towards Darth Maul skins, as DICE has claimed that they want to add more villain cosmetics, and Ben Walke, who is stepping down as community manager this month, has dropped a lot of Maul gifs on Twitter.

Whether this update comes given that EA employees were relocated to their homesteads to work from the safety of self-inflicted quarantine has yet to be seen, as delays are likely, although not entirely inevitable. Hopefully, we’ll be able to delve into a triple-XP weekend with Rogue One’s Scarif, the long-awaited and massively requested map.

Featured image credit: IGDB & u/TroutGrub (Reddit)

Last modified: 16th March 2020

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