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There are plenty of student rooms in Newcastle which are fully furnished and attractive. However, it may be that yours is a little dingy or empty looking, and has you missing your bedroom back home, which was chock full of nick-nacks and memories. Here are some ways to make your temporary bedroom a little more homely:

The old stand by: fairy lights

I’m pretty sure most people would agree with the notion that fairy lights can make anything look cosy. You could put some on a bin and I’d automatically pay you a compliment. Get some stuck above your bed, around your window, or over a mirror, to instantly brighten the room. Primark is always selling a range of fairy lights for very little, so this is a great way to cosy up your room on a budget.

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Get organised

Using storage boxes is definitely more efficient and aesthetically pleasing than letting everything pile up on a chair (based on my own experience) and mine cost me just over a tenner. If you don’t have room for extra storage options, just make sure all of your things are organised and have a specific place in your room. There is also no point in hoarding heaps of clothes, shoes or anything that you don’t use on general basis when there are so many charity shops to which you can donate. Not only does keeping clutter around make your room seem smaller, but it also makes it harder to stay organised.

Place candles on every possible surface

Obviously make sure the surface is safe to keep a candle on, but I would genuinely just put candles everywhere. Landlords and student accommodation owners can be tricky when it comes to lit flame, but as long as you’re careful a candle can add scent and atmosphere to the most dingy of student bedrooms.

Rearrange your furniture

If you’re in a position to do so and if your room is big enough, feng-shui to your heart’s content. It’s bound to make you feel more in control of your surroundings and allows you to feel more comfortable.

Brighten up dull walls with artwork

Decide whose artwork you enjoy the most, pick out some photographs and get them printed off. If you can stick them to the walls in your room then do; if that isn’t an option, get some frames or photo holders and place them around the room.

Pay attention to lighting 

Whatever the main source of light in your room may be, make sure you actually like it. Light bulbs come in all sorts of shades and strengths, and as a person who has had a pure white bulb in my room for 3 months (which made me feel like I was staying in a hospital room in a horror movie) I can say that it really does make a difference when you’ve got a nice, warm light rather than a horrifying, piercing one.

Get some plants!

Not only are they great for getting rid of your unnecessary carbon dioxide, but they look cute too. If you’re awful with plants then I suggest getting a cactus, as they only need to be watered about once a year (don’t quote me on that).

Put the effort in to keep your room clean

Once you get your room clean and tidy, don’t fall into the trap of getting lazy with organisation. If you use something, put it back in its original place. Likewise, if you eat in your room, don’t let plates and cups pile up. Little actions like that, practised often, will mean that you never end up with a huge job to do.

Last modified: 27th March 2018

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