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I have always made a conscientious effort to look after my skin. I developed spots and then acne at a pretty young age – so, looking after my skin has always been a must for me.

Over the years, my skincare routine has changed massively. I went from using Garnier’s pink grapefruit scrub (useless, wasn’t it) to No7’s Early Defence day and night creams. My routine changed depending on what my skin needed at the time.

Last year, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. My acne had largely disappeared – I could use overnight spot gels to target break outs. So, my priority switched to fighting any early signs of ageing/keeping my skin looking young for longer. But this came at a cost. While No7’s products were undoubtedly good, they weren’t so friendly for a student budget.

[pullquote]I discovered Botanics when I was working as a writer for Women’s Health[/pullquote]. I picked up some of their products in a beauty sale, just with the intention of trying them out as I was running low on my usual products. I fell in love. Their products boast mostly organic ingredients, soothing facial care and luxurious results for so little a price.

My go-to products are all found in their ‘All Bright’ range. I use a few of their products together to form a day and night beauty routine and couldn’t be happier with how radiant my skin looks. I even incorporate it into removing my makeup. I begin with their cleansing face wipes and then move onto micellar water to ensure all my makeup is removed. After this, I can cleanse properly and deeply. Their gentle cleansing cream may sound pore-blocking, but in actual fact does everything it says on the bottle. It’s a great consistency and leaves my face feeling fresh and bright. It’s also a winner for anyone with sensitive skin. As someone who has suffered in the past with eczema as well as acne (thanks for that, genes) I am super-picky about what I’ll put on my face. This formula has never left my skin irritated and is an all-round great cleanser.

Admittedly, I use a Pixi toner rather than the one Botanics offer. But, with amazing reviews on Boots it’s definitely something I’d consider when December rolls around and I’m to broke to invest in Pixi. However, after my toner, I revert back to Botanics. I use their radiance concentrate serum to keep my skin looking plump and fresh. The formula is so gentle it can even be used for the under-eyes, so no need to invest in costly under-eye products. I finish off with a day or night cream. Again, the formula can’t be faulted, it massages into skin perfectly and is completely non-sticky.

[pullquote]Incorporating Botanics into my skincare routine has been so beneficial[/pullquote]. Whilst I can only sing the praises of the ‘All bright’ range – as it’s the only one I use – I’ve heard great things about their other products too. I recommended this brand to my mum after trying lots of their products, and she’s now a convert from No7 too. So, whatever your age or skin type, it’s a winner. And, with cheap prices and 3 for 2 offers at Boots who could say no?

Last modified: 15th November 2018

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