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When it comes to beauty products there is only one brand that I swear by. Maybelline New York.

You’ve heard of it, you’ve tried it, you’ve loved it and for centuries has been one of the best brands in drugstores, in more than 120 countries. The products are quite affordable, the packaging is super cute and the color range is absolutely incredible. From lipstick to foundations, from eyeshadows to lip balms every girl can find the shade that fits her needs.

In 1913 a chemist named Thomas Williams took action and helped his sister Maybel Williams to enhance her natural beauty. By adding carbon dust to petroleum jelly Williams was able to darken Maybel’s lashes and brows even more than before. As a result, this sparked an intrigue in Williams who, in 1915, founded what would become one of the most successful global beauty brands, Maybelline, named after his sister. Today, Maybelline, has inspired many girls and women to enhance their natural beauty and be creative with makeup. As well as this, the brand has made a global impact, through being sponsored by huge events such as New York Fashion Week where they shared tips, tricks and tutorials for runway-inspired makeup looks and trends.

[pullquote]When it comes to flawless skin, Maybelline is the master[/pullquote]

As a beauty blogger, I was lucky enough to work with Maybelline New York in Greece and get to know the products first-hand. Let’s start with the must-have concealers. “Instant Anti Age Eraser concealer” deserves to be at the top of the list. It’s the number one choice with many of the beauty gurus out there and everyone is going crazy about it. The product comes in 12 unique shades, it’s the perfect dark circle eraser and treatment, making the under-eye area appear radiant and bright. The micro-corrector applicator makes the product come out smoothly and it is super gentle to the skin.

Lipstick lovers out there I got your back. The “Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick” is your new ally in beauty revolution. Up to 16 hours, whatever you eat, you drink, everything you do, the lipstick will be on your lips completely fresh and untouched. 10 super shades, reds, nudes and dark berry colours. The unique arrow applicator is amazing for a precise application.  Try it once, you’ll love it forever.

[pullquote]We can certainly say, that Maybelline is the brow boss and the ultimate game changer in brow beauty.[/pullquote]

When it comes to flawless skin, Maybelline is the master. It has sheer, medium, and full coverage foundations for dry, combination, normal or oily skin. Longwear, hydrating, dewy and matte foundation formulas to help you create a perfect canvas from breakfast to bedtime. If you need a mattifying foundation, the best choices are: “Fit Me, Matte and Poreless” (2018 GLAMOUR Beauty awards), “Dream Matte Mouse” and “Dream Velvet”. All products are dermatologist tested, allergy tested and non-comedogenic. The awarded “Fit Me Matte and Poreless” has 40 unique shades, each one of them promises to embrace your skin perfectly.

We can certainly say, that Maybelline is the brow boss and the ultimate game changer in brow beauty. Maybelline Brow Studio collection is here for you to play, fill, sculpt or shape your eyebrows as you like, with a range of eyebrow gel, eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencils, eyebrow filler, and more. The “Tattoo Studio Waterproof Eyebrow Gel” is an award winner in the category “Best of Makeup”. This waterproof eyebrow product creates fuller-looking brows that last for days, it’s smudge proof and does not transfer.

There are many more Maybelline products for you to discover and play with, to try out and fall in love with. What are you waiting for? Make it happen!

Last modified: 17th October 2018

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